With more than 1000 machines currently running in more than 50 countries, some of them still in operation after more than 50 years, Vezzani S.p.A. is the market leader in high capacity and productivity shears for the scrap business and is partner to the major steel mills and scrap dealers worldwide.


Being for more than 50 years in the metal scrap market, Vezzani S.p.A. has been one of the greatest innovators, inventing the inclined shear introduced to the market in the late 70s.


The development of its expertise and capitalization of its knowledge has made Vezzani the world leading company in engineering and manufacturing the highest-productivity and lowest-operating costs shears, balers and other equipment for metal scrap processing.


Highest reliability, productivity and lowest running costs are and will be driving the Vezzani strategy in developing new solutions and long lasting partnerships with its customers.

Vezzani timeline

1962: the company Vezzani was born.

1960s: Vezzani grows as a manufacturer of horizontal shears.

1974: Vezzani introduces the first Basket Press.

1977: Vezzani introduces the inclined shear, a revolutionary invention.

1983: Vezzani enters the USSR market.

1985: Vezzani introduces Scrap Cleaning Systems.

1990s: Vezzani gains success and strengthens its brand on a worldwide scale, expanding in UK, Korea, China and North America.

2000s: the growth continues with strong demand coming from South America. Vezzani improves significantly its product portfolio, focusing on high-productivity machines for steel industry and direct worldwide customer services.

2009: Vezzani engineers and starts up the prototype of the first mobile shear

2011: Vezzani sells in just one year 5 shears with 1600t shearing force

2012: Vezzani celebrates its 50 years anniversary

2013: Vezzani is the world market leader by number of units sold in the high capacity and productivity equipment, shearing force between 1400 t and 2000t and productivity above 120 t/h


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