Increase your profit.


Get the highest productivity and density... the lowest cost per ton.




P Series - 2 and 3 Compression Baling Presses


Vezzani P Series baling presses are today’s most economic method to increase scrap density for efficient melting and to reduce volume for lower transport costs.


Vezzani hydraulic balers are recommended for compacting steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and various alloys in sheet clippings, stampings, bundles, cable, wire and chips.


Easy maintenance and continuous automatic cycling have made P-series balers a highly productive choice for applications in the automobile industry, rolling mills, foundries and scrap recycling operations.

Different layouts for different purposes


Whether you need a machine to press general light scrap, the trim of the coils, or to press automaically sheet from an automotive manufacturig line, we supply fully automated systems suitabe for any material, also installed in automated process lines.


Widest range of sizes


From mm 20x20xVar up to 80x80xVar bales, you wil find the right machine for your needs. Our fully customized equipment will always match your requirements.


Plain, grooved, trapezoidal and wavy replaceable liners are isntalled to avoid the possibility to jam the machine. The design is different, according to the material that is processed.


Suitable for different types of material


Stainless Steel







Examples of materials that can be: new sheet clippings and stampings, trimmings, clipping and bundles, non-ferrous scrap-plate, cable, wire, chips, light scrap.


Higher Productivity - above 80 t/h


Productivity is a key factor in reducing your running cost.


The speed of the machine clearly affects productivity. We will find the right solution for you to guarantee the perfect ratio between required productivity and speed in order to have the lowest cost per ton produced.

Higher density


With our presses you can be sure you will obtain the desired density, which can be easily set up by the operator from the PLC.


Below are just some examples of density that has been achieved with our baling presses.


Fe:    up to 3,6 kg/dm3

Cu:    up to 4,5 kg/dm3

Al:    up to 1,85 kg/dm3

Energy savings and efficiency program


The operator panel allows to quickly adjust pressure and cycles depending on the scrap being processed.


Transducers, mounted inside the hydraulic cylinders, monitor the position of each cylinder and allow the operator to adjust the strokes, directly from the PLC. This feature allows to change working cycle to suit the type of scrap that is being processed and also to check the state of wear of internal cyclidner's seals.



Lower running and maintenance cost


No man operation.

The machine can be installed in line with other equipment and loaded automatically.

If loaded manually, the crane operator will need only to load the machine that will run continuously and automatically.


Tie-bolted box construction, bolted wear plates (with special washboard surface profile allowing to reduce the risk of material jamming the machine), automatic lubrication, advanced automation contribute to maintain a very low maintenance cost.



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