A great equipment deserves an even greater customer service:

Vezzani direct customer service network.




Parts & Service - Our cutting edge


We believe the skills required to service, repair and restore our equipment are much the same as those required to make one. Which is why we insist this is carried out by skilld people trained by Vezzani.


Our Service is based on the following scheme:


24/7 assistance


“Train to Maintain” program: during the installation, your personnel is trained to provide maintenance to the machine, making you as much independent as possible. We educate people to prevent downtime by performing the scheduled maintenance at the right time.


“Tele Diagnostics”: all our machines are equipped with a modem that allows  our engineers to check each machine’s status from Vezzani’s headquarters. The ability to detect and prevent potential issues and locate the source of a problem is a key factor in providing a quick response and a prompt assistance to our customers.


Vezzani’s Technician on Your Site in less than 24 hours: our technicians are skilled professionals and are some of the most experienced in the industry, ready to accomplish all your service needs.


Large inventory of original parts

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