Increase your profit.


Get the highest productivity... the lowest cost per ton.




PC-AC Series - Stationary Inclined Shears


Vezzani PC-AC side compression gravity-feed scrap shears set a new standard for processing a wider range of materials simply and efficiently.


Vezzani’s patented gravity feed on a 30° incline allows continuous processing of bulky and long-dimension scrap. PC-AC scrap shears improve productivity throughout all ferrous and non-ferrous applications by continuously processing the widest range of scrap – from light, bulky scrap to heavy demolition material, reinforcing steel tangles & railway lines – with no costly sorting or cutting required.


The concentrated demolition zone with high-powered side compression allows operators to produce material that is cleaner, more marketable, up to 50% denser than the product from traditional shears.





We have invented it.


You enjoy the benefits.


How does it work?


The cycle is fully automatic. With only 3 cylinders we guarantee to have a full compression of the material, reducing to the minimum the areas subject to wear.


1. The material is continuously loaded by the crane operator and slides towards the pressing area. No downtime waiting the lids or side compression to create a bale.



1. Side compression: has a strong demolition force and presses the material from the side increasing its density and forming a bale close to the shearing zone.


2. Top compression: provides the full compression to the material and presses the material from the top, reducing its size and increasing its density to the maximum value.


3. Shear: cuts the material to the desired lenght.


4. Front door: allows to adjust the cut length directly from the PLC and to




A price saving is just a one-time gain.



The real benfit comes from spending


less every single day.


Widest range of sizes


From 500 up to 2400 metric tons of shearing force allow to find the right equipment for your needs. Whether you have to process light materials or heavy materials, our fully customized equipment will always match your requirements.


Inclined feeding box width from 2000 mm up to 3700 mm allows to accept bulky material and any lenght of scrap.

Process oversized material of unlimited lenght with continuous cycling


Process material of unlimited length with continuous cycling. Avoid time consuming and expensive pre-cutting and torching.

The inclined open box allows to process scrap of any lenght, reducing dramatically (or eliminating) time and costs for preparing scrap by gas cutting or using hydraulic cranes with shearing attachments.


Lower running and maintenance cost:


No man operation: save on labour cost, as this is the ony real automatic shear. The crane operator will just have to load continuously and there will be no downtime waiting for the machine to process.


Less maintenance and servicing: up to 1/3 of the cost to maintain a horizontal shear, due to:

  1. No need for pusher rams or lids.

  2. The surface area in contact with scrap is 60% less than with a traditional horizontal shear.



Higher Productivity - above 120 t/h


Eliminate time to feed and fold scrap down to closed squeeze-box dimensions.


Continuous loading allows to obtain the highest productivity today available in the market.

Higher density


Gradual compression feed concentrates power in 60% less surface area than squeeze-boxes


Perfect for both light and heavy scrap.

Energy savings and efficiency program


The operator panel allows to quickly adjust pressure and cutting lengths depending on the scrap being processed.


Transducers, mounted inside the hydraulic cylinders, monitor the position of each cylinder and allow the operator to adjust the strokes, directly from the PLC. This feature allows to change working cycle to suit the type of scrap that is being processed and also to check the state of wear of internal cyclidner's seals.



Better quality of finished product


Finished material classified V1 (Vezzani 1) due to exceptional finished density and quality: the final product is highly marketable and appreciated by steelmakers as it has been proved to bring significant improvements to the furnace yield.

Light foundations and civil works


Forget the deep and expensive pits. The new machines have very compact layouts. Even with additional systems and conveyors, everything is placed above ground level for easy maintenance and to allow cheap foundations.

Space constraints? Not a problem.


The design of our inclined shears allows to occupy smaller areas, leaving more space to stock the material or for the other operations of the scrapyard.

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