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VS Series - Mobile Inclined Shears


Like the well-known PC-AC, the VS Series shears are constructed to withstand extreme working conditions, minimizing maintenance and downtime while offering exceptionally high productivity along with low running costs.


Without sacrificing any of the features that made the PC-AC a market leader all over the world, the VS Series adds something more: PORTABILITY.

Process oversized material of unlimited lenght with continuous cycling


Process material of unlimited length with continuous cycling. Avoid time consuming and expensive pre-cutting and torching.

The inclined open box allows to process scrap of any lenght, reducing dramatically (or eliminating) time and costs for preparing scrap by gas cutting or using hydraulic cranes with shearing attachments.

Portability and flexibility


Think about all the advantages that the Vezzani inclined pre-compression shear has...there is something more that you can do today. Take all these benefit anywhere you want. The VS Series shears stay within regular transportation limits and can be easily installed in any location.


The VS Series can be equipped either with electric motors or with diesel engines, allowing to give you the flexibility that you need for your business.

Lower running and maintenance cost:


No man operation: save on labour cost, as this is the ony real automatic shear. The crane operator will just have to load continuously and there will be no downtime waiting for the machine to process.


Less maintenance and servicing: up to 1/3 of the cost to maintain a horizontal shear, due to:

  1. No need for pusher rams or lids.

  2. The surface area in contact with scrap is 60% less than with a traditional horizontal shear.


Higher Productivity


Eliminate time to feed and fold scrap down to closed squeeze-box dimensions.


Continuous loading allows to obtain the highest productivity today available in the market.

Higher density


Gradual compression feed concentrates power in 60% less surface area than squeeze-boxes


Perfect for both light and heavy scrap.

Energy savings and efficiency program


The operator panel allows to quickly adjust pressure and cutting lengths depending on the scrap being processed.


Transducers, mounted inside the hydraulic cylinders, monitor the position of each cylinder and allow the operator to adjust the strokes, directly from the PLC. This feature allows to change working cycle to suit the type of scrap that is being processed and also to check the state of wear of internal cyclidner's seals.

No foundations or civil works


The VS Series shears do not need any type of foundations or civil works. They can be placed in any location and on any flat surface, outside or under a covered area.

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